NJ food blogger says ‘New Year’s resolutions’ should be more about self-love and not weight loss

Ali Maffucci, the Jersey City resident behind the popular healthy food blog Inspiralized, remains an inspiration for her followers as she continues to speak candidly about her traumatic weight loss and the lifestyle changes she’s adopted a long the way. With 2017 rapidly approaching,  Ali opened up about her New Year’s resolution and why she wants her fans to think differently about their goals.

The New York Times best-selling author took to her various social media accounts to share another story from her personal journey with body image acceptance, revealing this will be the first year where she won’t be obsessively over a weight scale or what foods she’s been consuming. This time around, Ali is more focused on sustaining a healthy mindset about her body, instead of focusing on just the body itself.

“2017 will be the first year that I don’t make a resolution to lose weight and reach a goal number on the scale,” Ali wrote on social media. “It will be the first year that my body isn’t something I wish would change. As I was making a post about my ‘New Year’s resolutions’, I realized this and went through old photos to think back on each year and where I was at certain stages with my body.”

The happily married Hudson County resident, who shared her amazing 30-pound weight loss story just three months ago, is all about feeling confident and comfortable in her own skin. Ali admitted there was a time when she was at a constant “mental battle with herself and food,” so she hopes her followers (all 153k of them) learn to make their personal fitness story more about being happy instead of about being skinny.

So when it comes to setting tasks you want to accomplish in the upcoming year, Ali doesn’t want you to be so hard on yourself when it comes to making your resolutions.

“I’ll be sharing my 2017 resolutions on the blog in a couple of weeks and I just want everyone to know who wants to ‘get there’ and be happy with their body is that what works is committing to a lifestyle, not a diet or 30 day plan,” Ali added on social media. “It’s about saying to yourself, ‘This is the first day of the new me!’ instead of ‘This is the first day of my diet.'”