Dolores Catania’s rescue dog Lolly is almost as famous as her owner

OMJ's Kelly Dillon and Dolores CataniaPaul Brasil |

OMJ’s Kelly Dillon and Dolores Catania

While chatting with Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania at her beautiful Haledon home, we met her three adorable rescue dogs — Rez, Lolly, and Lola — who she saved off the streets of her hometown of Paterson. Watch below to hear their stories.

The long-time animal lover explains to me that she sees too many dogs being tied up or mistreated on the streets of Paterson when she goes home to visit family. “I’ll try to pass it and say ‘it’s not my business or it’s not my place.’ It’s not even a safe place, so what I’ll do is I’ll come home and then I’ll think about it.

That thinking usually leads to action. Rez was a shelter dog who was brought in with both her ears swollen shut and she had no hair. Lola was left out in all kinds of weather for two years straight.

“I talked the owner into giving her to me. It cost me some money which is a no-no when you go to these people, because they’ll just get another one and say ‘you wanna give me money for this one too,'” she says. “So you really have to watch how you do that. But it was a point where it was a life or death situation for her.”

Lolly is almost as famous as her mom. She is the unofficial mascot of the Rutgers University football team. “Typically you can find Lolly on a weekend where they’ll drive down a few of the players and come pick Lolly up and hang out with her for the weekend,” she said. “She goes to more parties than I ever have.”

We tragically saw Dolores lose her soulmate Boo this season. She found him nearly ten years ago on the side of the highway in the rain. Dolores says she might have rescued Boo, but in reality he really saved her, and was her guardian angel.

So the next time you are looking for a dog, take Dolores’ advice and adopt don’t shop!