This Jersey City health coach wants to help you stay calm and centered

Leah Guy is helping Garden Staters become more zen.Instagram

Leah Guy is helping Garden Staters become more zen.

It is common for many of us to get stressed out and overwhelmed with the responsibilities of daily life, but there’s one person who wants to help. Leah Guy, owner of Modern Sage Healing Center in Jersey City and author of The Fearless Path to Emotional Healing, has made a career of helping people to find peace and calm.

“My approach is built upon the healing power of connectivity; of putting the pieces back together, not pulling them apart,” she told OMJ. “I use intuition and guidance from the energy system to address emotional and mental issues, blocks, heartaches or stagnations in one’s life.”

Welcome to ModernSage! Here's what you see upon entering our #SacredSpace.

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While she hosts private sessions and workshops like the one being held on October 9 at New York Open Center, we wanted to know her top tips for staying centered during a busy day.

1. Practice Self Care
Even if it’s 5-10 minutes a day. Jump on a trampoline, sit in silence, take a walk, breathe deeply, get a massage. Any of these little things can change the impact of how you respond to stress and fatigue. Remember, an empty cup has nothing to give – nurture

2. Stay Present
In the present moment we get a greater sense of calm and control.  Use a simple mantra such as “Be Here Now” or “I am Present” to stop and feel the moment. Get fixated on something tiny that’s right in front of you. The mind is a powerful tool, it can sweep you off to a place that isn’t real or you can train it to be present.

3. Process Feelings
Feelings are not meant to be feared, nor trapped in your heart or drowned with food. Emotions are fluid and need to move. Let them. When stress or resentment show up, give yourself an adult time-out and let yourself emote. You don’t need to take it out on people, that’s what happens when we get pent up and then explode. Simply recognize how you feel and allow the emotion to be present. Soon enough it will transform and the next emotion will come. Like the ocean, each wave brings forth a new current, some are rough, some are fun to ride and others are still.

Caroline Manzo has lost over 15 pounds in just 6 weeks!

Woman's Day Red Dress Awards Red Carpet Benefitting Go Red For WomenMichael Loccisano/Getty Images

Caroline Manzo isn’t messing around with her new fitness and diet regime! The Manzo’d With Children star has revealed on Instagram that she has lost more than 15 pounds since she began working out with son Albie Manzo‘s trainer Rodrick Covington back in August. We aren’t surprised at all by Caroline’s fast results, considering Albie’s amazing transformation, courtesy of the certified Pilates and fitness instructor.

The former Real Housewives of New Jersey star began her fitness journey after gaining nearly 30 pounds because of a foot injury. Back in June, her youngest son, Chris Manzo, told us she broke a bone in her foot while the family was vacationing in California.

He said, “When we were in California we noticed there was like a little golf ball in her foot. We were in San Francisco so we were walking around uphill, downhill. We just thought she just bruised it. Even when we got home she was walking around the yard and it just wouldn’t go down.”

My spring "accessories" have arrived – I call it the f'd up foot collection

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Caroline recently revealed her fitness goals to Bravo’s The Daily Dish. “I have to lose the weight that I put on because I’m only 5’1″ and I was 154 pounds. That’s 40 pounds overweight. That, number one, because it affects everything, your blood pressure, your sugar, things like that. I just felt awful. I just felt terrible,” she said. “So now that I’m back on my feet, I have to lose the weight that I gained.”

She also says that her daughter Lauren Manzo Scalia‘s recent pregnancy announcement has motivated her. “Knowing that I’m gonna be a grandmother soon, I want to be around,” she said. “So it makes you think about, you don’t need to eat the doughnut, because you know it makes you feel bloated and disgusting anyway.”

Caroline credits her weight loss to swimming and eating healthy. She also wants to start bike-riding with her hubby Albert Manzo to help her drop the rest of the weight.

“I feel a gazillion times better eating the way I’m eating and doing what I’m doing,” she said. “It’s just fun things that my husband [Al Manzo] and I can do together. Every morning, we go out, we swim together, and now I said we’ll get the bikes and we’ll ride maybe the Highline in [New York City] or Hoboken and just do fun things together because it’s our time. But at the same time, it’s exercising and feeling good about yourself.”

You go girl!

Beer, BBQ and boots: 5 must-do October events in Hudson County

A dog plays with its master as yellow leaves fall from the trees on a rainy day in Melbourne on June 17, 2016. SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images

We desperately awaited the arrival of the fall season so we could have an excuse to stock up on more oversized sweaters, leggings, scarves and knee-high boots. Now all we need is a place to show off our new outfits. If you’re looking for exciting things to do this October with family and friends, then we’ve got you covered!

Check out five must-attend gatherings happening in Hudson County next month:

Oktoberfest (September 23 – October 22)
Pilsener Haus & Biergarten in Hoboken is hosting this year’s Oktoberfest and what a place to do it! The establishment is the home to over 20 premium drafts and 50 European and American craft beers, ready for your tasting pleasure. Stop by every Thursday and Friday to celebrate the occasion. Beer lovers will be welcomed by live music, festive costumes and a damn good time!

🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 #Oktoberfest2016 🇩🇪

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Rock the BBQ Festival (October  8)
Barbecues aren’t only for warm weather! This MetLife Stadium festival is a guaranteed to put a smile on your face and inside your tummy. We can picture it now: hanging out with family and friends while throwing back some delicious drinks and stuffing our faces with food prepared by premiere chefs.

Rock The BBQ. – 10/8. -MetLife Stadium – BOOM! Get your GA & VIP Tickets At

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Festival of Lights Diwali (October 16)
Diwali is one of the largest holidays in India, celebrating hope and positivity by placing illuminating lights inside and around places like homes and buildings. Soak up some good energy on Exchange Place in Jersey City, while also enjoying live performances, raffles, vendors, authentic Indian food and much more!

Harvest Festival (October 22)
Bring the fall season in the right way at Pier A Park in Hoboken! This festival screams family fun goals, including activities like face and pumpkin painting, hay rides, mazes, live music, gymnastic demos and more!

Pumpkin Decorating Party at Pinot’s Palette (October 26)
What sounds better than drinking wine with your girls while pretending you’re a world-famous artist. Hoboken Girl is throwing this unique party in Hoboken of course. So, call your friends and get ready to laugh your butts off while channeling your inner Picasso.

“Be like a peacock and dance with all of your beauty.” – Debasish Mridha #peacock #feathers #paintandsip

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Bruce Springsteen ‘smelled fantastic’ and made fans ‘melt’ at Freehold book signing

bruce-springsteen-fan-freeholdEd Murray | NJ Advance Media for

Bruce Springsteen returned to his hometown of Freehold to celebrate the release of his tell-all memoir, Born to Run” by meeting fans at the local Barnes and Noble Tuesday. The event was a fantastic experience for fans to get up close and personal with the legend.

Greetings from Freehold, NJ!

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This family met Bruce without having anyone pass out, which was totally a dream come true for them! Good job, Dad.

My dad didn't pass out. Dreams do come true💫 #theboss #BRUCE 🎸🎤

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Jersey girls love Springsteen!

Just a Jersey Girl posing with The Boss

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We love this fan’s rocker-chic look, complete with combat boots and a black and red flannel.

Dreams do come true. Thank you to The Boss! #bruce #starstruck 🎶☄✨🎸😍

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This fan’s parents met at a Bruce concert in 1985, so it’s true that she literally would not be here without him!

My parents met at a Bruce concert in 1985, so I literally wouldn't be here without him

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Apparently Bruce even smells fantastic! Good to know.

Of course, Bruce’s wife Patti and his friends Liberty Ross and her new husband music legend Jimmy Iovine came, too!

If you’re born in the Garden State, you’re pretty much born a Bruce fan.

These super cool parents let their kids skip school to meet Bruce!

"skipped some school… acted real cool"🎶🎸

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There really isn’t a better time to rock a band tee than when going to meet Bruce Springsteen.

I guess you could say I was born in the USA 💙❤

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This fan stayed very casual about the fact that she just met one of her favorites.

Bruce told this woman that she looks great and we agree!

Friends who meet Bruce Springsteen together stick together.

One of the happiest days of our lives!!! Love our Bruceeee😘😘@loudon27 @wendylyn22

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Did the coolest 10 seconds of your life even count if you didn’t post it on Instagram? The answer is no.

The coolest 10 seconds of my life. Thanks Bruce!

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This book signing truly was an incredible experience!

For more on Bruce’s September 27 Barnes and Noble event, visit